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Stone blocks : we specialize in extraction and marketing.


Founded in 2009 by Albertino Simão in the quarrying center based in the Serra de Aire, the core of Portuguese limestones, AlberStone has its own quarries and its main activity is the extraction, production and marketing of limestone aggregates.
Although a young company, AlberStone proves every year that success knows no barriers when dedication, effort and commitment go hand in hand.
We seek to meet, in a mutually beneficial manner, the needs of our customers through quality and professionalism in our products and services. To this end we have extensive experience, modern and efficient equipment, and most importantly personalized customer care.
We offer a wide range of high quality products, respecting and meeting the needs of our customers. Among the best sellers are: Moleanos Cream, Blue Moleanos, Mocha Cream Gross Grain, Mocha Cream Fine Grain, Rosal, and many others. The degree of finishing of our products ranges from rough blocks used for walls and floors to paving stones in colours of white, black, grey, or granite, among others.
Our main quarry is located in the Serra de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Parks, a protected area where stone exploitation has always been a practiced activity that socially and economically energizes a large region.
AlberStone works with great respect for nature in compliance with all standards and good environmental practices. We have a particular Environmental and Landscape Restoration Plan (PARP) implemented, with areas already recovered, including prediction of the measures to be applied on termination of operation. It is designed to keep the quarry and its surroundings as natural as possible and ecologically balanced during operation and at its end.