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Our Products

We have several raw materials, such as paving stones, coatings for walls or floors, among others... Always ensuring the required quantity for the needs of your project. Among the various types of stone in our inventory we highlight blocks of Cream Moleanos, Blue Moleanos, Mocha Cream Gross Grain, Mocha Cream Fine Grain, Rosal; white or black paving stones; wall cladding stones, and rustic/natural stone. All have natural and smooth colors, easy to match with the type of application and environment in which they are used. Their technical characteristics make them easy to work and apply, with low maintenance requirements. Unique features such as color and texture can largely be enhanced for the final finish. In the most natural way we have the rustic: the stone as it appears in nature or with minor changes. Among the several types of finishing the most common are polished and honed. Other finishings that can be offered are brushed, sanded, bush-hammered, splitted, flamed, flutes or scratched. The physical-mechanical characteristics or technical sheets of various types of stone have been studied and referenced by various organizations and laboratories. This characterization is done in a very general way, with values provided for a given sample at a given time of extraction. These values are used as reference values. Depending on the quarry, date and depth of extraction, shade variations and slight variations in technical features, stone can be given several different trade names, maintaining overall quality and most appropriate application. That is why we ensure personalized attention and study of every project (budget request) to present the best and most suitable product, providing all the necessary technical information and details.