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Our Region

Accessibility is one of the strengths of our region. Near Portugal's capital, Lisbon, and its port and international airport, and at the same time close to its second  major city: Porto. We have  links to major motorways and the main axis of regional roads IC2/N1: one of our quarries is situated here and the other is very close, allowing for quick shipment of our products reducing delivery time to international and domestic markets.
The  stone  is  an  activity  of  enormous  regional  importance  and  provides  employment  to  many families  creating  a  great  synergy.  With  hundreds  of  years  of  tradition  and  experience  in  stone quarrying,  processing  and  finishing  with  the  most  advanced  techniques,  equipment  and professionals, we have an excellent combination of elements .

Along  with  the  stone  industry,  subsistence  farming,  olive  and  olive  oil  production,  livestock  (pig farms, grazing, milk production, among others), textile and leather industries, and services activities are also prominent. The stone industry and livestock generate the greatest competitive factors of the region.

Turistic services are diverse and have developed over the last decade to include attractions such as the Natural Parks of Serra de Aire and Candeeiros which cover a large area where you can enjoy the quiet and relaxation provided  by the cottages which coexist with nature. You can go for a simple walk,  bike,  horse  or  donkey  ride  or  even  join  in  a  speleological  guided  tour  to  one  of  the  many caves.  For  the  more  adventurous  there  is  the  so-called  extreme  sports  such  as  the  downhill (mountain biking), paragliding or rock climbing.
Arch of Memory, Caves of Mira de Aire, Alvados, Santo António and Moeda, Natural Monument Footprints of Dinosaurs. Castles, churches, windmills, old water reservoirs and traditional villages almost  all  made  of  stone  are  common  and  well restored  show  pieces  of  our  history.  Batalha Monastery, Alcobaça Monastery, Sanctuary of Fátima, are of national reference and very close to our site. Grand monuments where hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of stone from this region were crafted with great mastery of this art by man and nature in harmony.
At the same time we are very near the Atlantic coast with the famous Pinewood forest of Leiria and beautiful beaches, such as the well known and culturally traditional area of Nazaré. Many restaurants and cafés are located in the area with delicious snacks and typical cultural dishes which delight the senses.